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Brendan Murphy

Oaks Park Studios, off Croydon Lane SM7 3BA

Open 22nd/23rd and 29th/30th June

Disabled access

website: TBC

My current practice engages with the legacies of Abstract Expressionist and Minimalist Painting utilising Geometic
Displacement Models to contemplate new structures for the continuing role of non figurative painting. My recent work
contrasts the intimacy of oil paint evoking the light, colours and surface of the earth with the empty liquidity virtual
displacement geometries that are applied to the backgrounds of increasingly sophisticated video games to promote
and enhance a sense of reality. Emphasizing our shifting horizons and the mediation of experience, beyond the
simple articulation of volumes in space, the paintings hover between interiority and exteriority, representation and

Brendan Murphy - Headland 2 - Oil & Aluminium on canvas - 1525 x 1220mm
Brendan Murphy - Headland 4 - Oil & Aluminium on canvas - 1525 x 1220mm
Brendan Murphy - Rift Valley Peaks - Oil & Aluminium on canvas - 1525x1220mm
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