Carshalton Artists Open Studios Terms & Conditions of Registration

  1. ‘Carshalton Artists’ runs the proposed annual ‘Carshalton Artists Open Studios’ (CAOS) event.

  2. The Carshalton Artists Open Studios (CAOS) is open to all artists living within the Carshalton telephone code area. It is not acceptable to display the work of guest artists from outside the area.

  3. Carshalton Artists Open Studios reserves the right to review submitted events, locations and artists and change details which do not comply with the Terms and Conditions, or are felt to be untrue or offensive;

  4. Carshalton Artists Open Studios purpose is to promote the arts in Carshalton and the practicing artists displaying/selling their own work. Commercial premises are welcome to take part, but will be declared on listings as such and listings will not be used to promote a business or other unrelated business activities. If a commercial premises would also like to promote their business they can, in addition, take out an advert in the Carshalton Artists Open Studios brochure (

  5. It is a condition of taking part in Carshalton Artists Open Studios that all Open Houses must take out public liability insurance. We recommend AN AIR: Carshalton Artists Open Studios will take no responsibility for injury to members of the public when visiting Open Houses.

  6. Carshalton Artists Open Studios purpose is to celebrate, coordinate and promote art and artists taking part in the Carshalton Artists Open Studios. This includes the annual June/July Open Studios.

  7. All subscription fees are paid per artist – there is no limit to the number of artists exhibiting in one venue, nor are any other obligatory extra fees charged.

  8. All Open House venues must undertake to correct any errors on their listings by the date specified. Carshalton Artists Open Studios cannot accept responsibility for any errors not clearly outlined.

  9. CarshaltonArtistsOpenStudiosreservestherighttorefundpayment and withdraw any entry that does not, after due consultation and consideration, comply with our Terms and Conditions of registration. Language or artwork that is abusive or discriminatory to people on the basis or age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation will not be accepted and the right to register with Carshalton Artists Open Studios will be withdrawn.

  10. Carshalton Artists Open Studios will provide registered artists with regular feedback and information regarding the provision of services, fees and other changes, including any decisions taken, via group meetings and email communication.

  11. Artists will be obligated to collect information on visitors and share visitor information with Carshalton Artists Open Studios, in line with funding requirements from local and national bodies and to help promote future Carshalton Artists events.

  12. It is not acceptable to display work of guest artists not registered with CAOS in your location.

  13. All work displayed by artists must be their original work and not subject to any copyright infringements. Any copyright infringements will not be the responsibility of the governance of Carshalton Artists or Carshalton Artists Open Studios or the location and will need to be dealt with by the artist responsible for the infringement.

  14. All digital images provided by artists during registration for the Carshalton Artists Open Studios event (uploaded using the CAOS Artist Application Form) will be used on the CAOS website, printed marketing materials (e.g. the Trail Map) and CAOS social media marketing. The purpose is to promote the artists and the event.


Artists Workshops


Artists involved in workshops must follow the above rules but also:

  1. Undertake any workshop under the strict understanding that they have sole liability for the workshop and have responsibility for injury to members of the public when participating in workshops.

  2. Accept that Carshalton Artists Open Studios and the organisers have no liability or responsibility for injury to members of the public when participating in workshops.

  3. Supply Carshalton Artists Open Studios with relevant detailed costing breakdown in writing, so Carshalton Artists Open Studios can discuss available funding for materials costs.

  4. Register their intention with Carshalton Artists Open Studios to hold a workshop, well in advance of the Carshalton Artists Open Studios. This includes an outline of the purpose of the workshop, possible health and safety issues, possible outcomes and costs, well in advance of the Carshalton Artists Open Studios event dates.

  5. Adheretohealthandsafetyregulationsoutlinedintheuseofand regarding the use of any materials and techniques in the workshop.

  6. Ensure that a responsible adult accompanies any children below the age of 16 involved in workshops.

  7. Ensure, where possible, that workshops adhere to Carshalton Artists Equality and Diversity policy.

Terms updated Oct 2017 and sent to all participating artists at time of registration in Oct 2018 and Dec 2019.

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Disclaimer: 2020 ONLINE STUDIOS: Whilst every care has been taken in compiling the website Carshalton Artists and their sponsors and partners cannot be held responsible for any variations, errors or omissions. No artist should encourage members of the public to enter their studios and any artist or member of the public do so entirely at their own risk and are not encouraged to do so by Carshalton Artists. Carshalton Artists cannot accept liability for any loss, damage or injury sustained by any member of the public during their visit to an artists studio. Any views are entirely the member artists own and do not reflect the views of Carshalton Artists.


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