It’s time to get involved #CAOSArt21 needs you!!!

We are inviting YOU to get involved in SamiArt & the Finga Ninjas Yarn Bomb for CAOS - Carshalton Artists Open Streets by creating ONE of the following items and delivering it to Honeywood Museum by 14th July 2021 at the latest. The Finga Ninja team will include your contribution in the playfully creative display surrounding Carshalton Ponds. The display will remain in situ until the CAOS Exhibition at Honeywood Museum comes to an end on 25th July 2021.

This one comment makes it all worthwhile (and has reduced us all to tears):

'I have terminal cancer, I haven’t had the strength to leave my home for over a year but when I heard about the yarnbomb from a friend who showed me the photos, I just had to make the effort to see it for myself. Thank you for the joy you are bringing, this has made my day!” - 23 June 2021

How to get involved:

  • Deliver your ONE item in a sealed bag marked FAO: SamiArt c/o Honeywood Museum, Honeywood Walk, Carshalton, SM5 3NX by 14th July 2021 at the latest. Please do not send anything into Honeywood after this date.

  • PLEASE NOTE: We can NOT return your work to you but it will be handled with gratitude, TLC, and will be re-used in further community - or should that be commu-knitty - yarn bombs coordinated by SamiArt in the local area.

  • You may be keen to create something bigger like your own bunting, a mandala, a dream catcher, or a furry animal friend in which case why not go big and display these in your own windows on your street alongside the Open Windows signage that you can download on the Open Windows page on this site so you too can participate in the CAOS and tag us when you share your photos on social media #CAOSart21

  • ONE LAST REQUEST Please create with a LIKE-HEARTED & PLAYFULLY CREATIVE approach to your makes - enjoy the flow of love that comes with creation, tune into that happy heart space and KNOW that your work brings SMILES to people of ALL ages and helps lift COMMUNITY spirit, one little creative knit at a time. If it helps you to feel the vibes in anyway, why not tune into SamiArt’s motto that she’s used for every single project she’s run since she started working with the Arts in 2008, it works for her: #LoveLifeLifeLovesYou


Where to Buy Yarn and Accessories?:

There are a couple of independent wool shops that the makers frequently use and these are Whichcraft Wools* in Cheam (who have supplied many of the yarns the team have been using and also contributed pillar toppers in the Memorial Garden) and Maxime Wools* in Carshalton Beeches. Some High Street poundshops also stock small selections of fun yarns, as do a few Charity Shops. We encourage you to #ShopLocal *spend £10 or more for one stamp on their discount cards


Let's Create: Easy Makes:

FINGER KNITTING - just need fingers and yarn!

Finger knit a rope in any colours you love for wrapping on trees or railings. Use two colours or a multi-colour yarn or a combo of solid colour with multi-colour. No longer than the length of a ball of yarn please - make sure you leave long ends so we can tie these on!

Watch SamiArt’s tutorial

CROCHET a flower in any colour combo, we will chain these together.

Watch the tutorial:

CROCHET a poppy, we will chain these together

Watch the tutorial:

POM POMS in any colour combo using just your hands and yarn - make sure you leave long ends so we can tie these on!

Watch the tutorial:


Let's Create: Medium Makes:

CROCHET: Wildflowers and Bunting in any colour combination or follow the colours used for Sam’s glorious CAOS bunting! Head to Samantha Clair Crochet blog for the incredible patterns she created from scratch or scan the QR code:

We will be hooking all individual flowers together to make garlands, but if you just can’t resist making a string of bunting to contribute then please keep it to 5 triangles only to make ONE piece of bunting. Make as much bunting as you like for displaying in your own windows for the CAOS Open Windows display


Let's Create: Advanced Makes:

CROCHET: Furry Animal Friends - loved by all ages, these bollard toppers have gone down a storm!

Head to Creative Carole’s website for links to the patterns she used or scan the QR code:

We DO NOT need any more of these gorgeous bollard toppers but if you’re up for it, why not make one for yourself and share it as part of the CAOS Open Windows display

THANK YOU in advance for joining the wave of creative CAOS!

Samia, Carole, Sam, Elle, Sandra, Jenny, Jane, and Yr 6 girls from Cheam Park Farm Primary

THANK YOU to Arts Network Sutton for supporting this stage of the CAOS - connect, create, collaborate!

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