Tracey Downing

Stonecourt 121 Mill Ln, Carshalton SM5 2AN

days open: 22nd/23rd June 29th/30th June

wheelchair access


I make artwork using a range of media and processes, most recently in response to weekly walks and my daily swimming practice.

I have been making cyanotypes with leaves gathered from the bottom of the pool and images using collage and mixed media. I regularly take photographs and make drawings which inform the work I make in my studio at the end of my garden.

Since studying for my MA in Art Psychotherapy in 2012 my own art practice has become very important again. I am reducing my work as an Art Therapist in the new year to concentrate more fully on my own art practice. Being part of CAOS would enable me to connect with other local artists and help me to present my work to the wider local community.

Instagram handle @traceyelizabethdowning

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