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Elizabeth Andrews

Oaks Park Studios, off Croydon Lane SM7 3BAI

Open 22nd/23rd and 29th/30th June

wheelchair access


I am a classically trained musician, starting to expand my work into the world of sound art. My first project - simply called  Cello:nature - explores sounds of nature, birdsong and the resonance of the cello. I am inspired by Beatrice Harrison, the world class cellist who played with the nightingales in her Surrey garden. Recorded in 1924, this was the BBC’s first ever wildlife broadcast.


Working with Play of Light Theatre is another place for exploration and creative use of sound – found sounds, snatches of familiar melody, voices and live performance are just some of the resources we meld together.

Elizabeth Andrews
Scores for shadows
Fiddlehead Ferns 2017
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