CAOS Online Application Form - A guide to submitting images


CAOS wishes to present the best quality images online and in print. Images are requested to be submitted in the following format: 


JPEG files, each file to be no bigger than 10MB, with a minimum pixel dimension on the shortest edge (the width for a portrait, the height for a landscape) of 3000px


If your file size is more than 10MB the CAOS application form will reject the upload. In this case please resize the file using Photoshop, Lightroom or another graphic editor of your choice. If you don’t have any editing software, then you can resize images online for free (Google ‘image resize online’). There are also several resizing apps available for iOS and Android. 

Help! I need some photos!

If you need photos of your work, then you might consider using a professional photographer to undertake this. Some Carshalton based photographers that offer this service are:

Bill Mudge Photographic Artwork Documentation : Bill Mudge website email

Studio or location photography of 2D & 3D work. High quality digital images for artist promotion, in print and on websites. 

Stuart James (Surrey Art) Printing & Photographic Services : Surrey Art website email

Surrey Art offer artists a number of services to help artists market themselves online and off as well as offering products to increase revenue.




Export the image from your graphics editing software as a JPEG file with:



A quality of 11 or more on the Photoshop scale. The equivalent on other graphic editors might be High Quality or Best Quality. If you have an option to choose the resolution, then select 300ppi - this is a high resolution (amount of pixels per inch) giving good quality when printing the image.


Ideally aim for a dimension of at least 3,000px on the shortest side of your picture (the width for a portrait, the height for a landscape). As a general rule, do not attempt to enlarge the image as this may adversely effect the quality of the image. 

File Size

Check the resulting output file to ensure that the file size is less than 10MB



A 16 Mega Pixel camera took a photograph at its highest resolution and produced a RAW file of 3264 x 4896 pixels. The file was processed in Lightroom, and exported as a JPEG with a quality setting of 100%, a resolution of 300ppi, and a dimension of 3264px on the shortest edge of the photo. The resulting file size was 5.3MB. 

Screenshot 2019-11-28 at 11.27.10.png