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Nickel Support: Interestingly Different

Address, 15 Beynon Rd, Carshalton SM5 3RL

days open:22nd/23rd and 29th/30th June

No wheelchair access



Nickel Support is a community interest company based in Carshalton working with adults with learning disabilities. 

We work alongside our trainees to create social enterprises and in turn open up job opportunities. It is important for us that people with learning disabilities become an integral part of their community, as opposed to being marginalised and on the fringes.

We currently run our enterprises all under the project Interestingly Different. We upcycle tired unwanted furniture and turn the pieces into wonderful works of art in their own right. We also create cushions using unwanted fabrics. Our trainees learn various craft skills throughout the creative process of making our products. We also have a strong environmental ethos and are passionate about saving things from the landfill.

Our products are sold in Interestingly Different, our community shop on Beynon Road, in which the trainees gain retail employment skills, with all profits go to paying our trainees a wage.

We will be showcasing the work our trainees do and giving more information about our service throughout CAOS weekend.

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