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20200131_210807 - Irene Caboni
20200131_213009 - Irene Caboni
20200131_212933 - Irene Caboni
Irene Caboni Freedom Bridge
Irene Caboni Magic Motherhood Illustrati
Irene Caboni Free Bird

Irene Caboni is an artist and illustrator based in Carshalton, London. She works mainly with watercolours and inks for her illustrations but likes to use mixed media for her other artwork: oil paints, collage, acrylics, pastels and pencils are often used together to create colourful, interesting textures and effects. Her artwork is strongly inspired by nature, but also by human feelings and conditions, and she likes to explore them by combining the human figure with other natural or abstract elements. Often lettering and modern calligraphy is incorporated in her illustrations. Irene believes everyone can and should be creative, and for this reason she created a number of creative classes and workshops aimed at encouraging discovery and the joy of art.

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