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Kathryn Sherriff

KathrynSherriff2019_Best9 - Alan Sherrif
KathrynSherriff2019_Studio - Alan Sherri
KathrynSherriff2019_DishJugs - Alan Sher
K Sherrif 4
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Kathryn Sherriff is a studio potter making functional, wheel thrown porcelain ceramics in her garden studio by the railway line in Carshalton. She works in small batches and aims for simple designs with clean lines and muted colour palettes that are practical and will work in most homes and on any dining table. The exteriors are often left unglazed and polished with a diamond pad to create a marble-like feel that compliments the glazed surfaces. Decoration is applied using coloured slips and inlaid lines.

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