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2 Rolling Hills - Maggie Penton
3 View Over Dartmoor - Maggie Penton
1 Across the Valley - Maggie Penton.JPG.
Maggie Penton The Mysterious Air
Maggie Penton Blue Skies

Maggie's passion for the natural environment comes through her watercolour paintings as well as her prints. She is inspired by the natural environment while also drawing on her travels around the world. Maggie has an experimental approach to her print making, especially monoprints which are built up with many richly textured layers, often combining different techniques while also developing a more subtle approach with her drypoint prints. She is continually exploring and experimenting with both printing and painting often combining the two approaches. Maggie regularly exhibits her work locally as well as at Denbies Vineyard, Ochre Print Studio and the Corner Gallery, Carshalton.

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