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Orchard Hill College

At the Corner Gallery 1 Beeches Ave, Carshalton SM5 3LB

Exhibition: 1st July ONLY

wheelchair access



Orchard Hill College is an outstanding specialist college for students with learning difficulties; the art pieces celebrate their unique artistic skills and abilities.

Students have used a range of unique materials and methods utilising their abilities to create some stunning art pieces.

This piece was made by a student who poured the paint directly out of the bottles and then formed the patterns using a broken wooden paintbrush. He worked very fast and enjoyed the repetitive sounds the wooden brush handle made against the canvas.

Other methods students have used are pulling string through paint, using a fly swat to splatter paint and blowing glitter paint down a canvas.

This art project truly captures the students creative abilities and enables them to express themselves independently.

Orchatrd Hill painting
Orchard Hill
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