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IMG_20191121_120505_834 - Marie Ratnam
20190730_072307 - Marie Ratnam
20200118_092317 - Marie Ratnam
Marie Ratnam IMG-20181210-WA0081
Marie Ratnam2
Marie Ratnam 20190207_233132

As an artist I like to draw and paint from observation and imaginations using any medium that inspires me. I teach drawing and painting and I tell my students to take time to look before you start putting pencil to paper. The way you see things are so important and it is different for each one of us. I like to bring out the beauty of the subject on paper or canvas. I hope that the images that I paint, capture the viewers’ eyes and they see my colourful personality. I like to create a connection between the viewer and the subject. The watercolours I produce can be translucent yet vibrant and my oil paintings also reflect my background and my journey. ​

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