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Sarah Hillman

47 Alma Road, SM5 2PQ

Open 22nd/23rd and 29th/30th June

wheelchair access


Sarah Hillman creates striking sculptural ceramics.  Organic forms explore positive and negative space through the perception of line, colour and contour. Each piece, handmade in white clay, is carefully cut with dramatic curves to reveal a vibrant interior.

The hand blended colours create a bold contrast to the natural clay exterior. Absorbing light the matt surfaces create exciting shadows that interact with their surroundings.

These beautiful ceramic sculptures are not created for functional use but as exquisite art forms; designed to stimulate the senses and add a touch of unique contemporary design to the home.

Sarah Hilman IMG_3906
Sarah Hilman IMG_3896
Sarah Hilman IMG_3901
Sarah Hilman IMG_3905
Sarah Hilman IMG_3899
Sarah Hilman IMG_3890
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