The Climb - Sevcan Yuksel Henshall
Aim High  - Sevcan Yuksel Henshall
The Rise - Sevcan Yuksel Henshall
Sevcan Yuksel Henshall, The Moth
Sevcan Yuksel Henshall, The Struggle
Sevcan Yuksel Henshall, The Pressure

Sevcan is a Kurdish artist who explores ideas and emotions through the use of lines. She mixes a range of mediums such as ink, acrylic and oil to create desired textures for her lines. To keep the attention on the lines, Sevcan utilises very little colour in her work. She focuses on lines found on the human body, predominantly the female figure, and nature with a particular focus on trees to convey the interconnection between ourselves and the environment. Her views as a feminist, an environmentalist and ethnic minority are undeniably present in her work.

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