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   CAOS Trails 2017   

CAOS trails are made for you.  These trials have been put together with you in mind, they are all within easy walking distances and include heritage and local landmarks. Click on the artist or location to find out more about them or detailed location, opening and access arrangements. 

Locations in purple are local landmarks, heritatge centres or are running workshops or demos aimed at families with children. If you want to know more about the activities on  the trails then go to the Open Studios 2017 page where workshops, demos, heritage activities and dinning are listed.

Disclaimer: Visitors to Carshalton Artists Open Studios (CAOS) mentioned in the map brochure and on this website do so entirely at their own risk. Adults are responsible for the supervision of any children in their care. Those involved with the map brochure or website cannot accept liability for any loss, damage or injury sustained by any member of the public during their visits to the studios. Artists’ studios and makers’ workshops are working environments and can be dangerous places, so great care must be taken when visiting them. Whilst every care has been taken in compiling the map brochure and website Carshalton Artists and their sponsors and partners cannot be held responsible for any variations, errors or omissions.

Trail 1 Carshalton North and Central

You could start by parking in Carshalton High Street and take the short medium pace 10min picturesque walk through Grove Park, following the River Wandle to Mill Lane and River Gardens for the Vaughan's. Or park closer and drive back into town.  When you turn right out of the Vaughans, walk straight and follow Mill Lane, crossing over the road by the Sun Pub to visit Jackie Smith and then Peter Lawson opposite.  You could take in the historic landmark Carshalton Water Tower (only open Sundays). This will bring you back towards Honeywood Museum via Festival Walk and the amazing historic collection of the boroughs artwork, exclusively curated especially for CAOS. At Honeywood you could rest and have a coffee, sandwich, something hot or an Ice cream.  Here you can also buy cards from some of the artists. Have you found any of Doug Shaw's free art drops yet? THey are hidden in some of the locations!


 Helena Vaughan 11 River Gardens, SM5 2NH

    Neal Vaughan 11 River Gardens, SM5 2NH

    open all days 11am-5pm NO wheelchair access, no toilet facilities

 Jackie Smith 14 West St Ln, SM5 2PY

    open all days 11am-5pm wheelchair access, no toilet facilities          

 Peter Lawson 11 West Street, SM5 2PT

    open all days 11am-5pm wheelchair access, no toilet facilities        

A  Carshalton Water Tower Pound St, SM5 3PN

    open Sundays only 2.30pm-5pm no wheelchair access to upper levels, no toilet facilities

 Honeywood Museum Honeywood Walk, SM5 3NX

    open Wed Thurs Fri 11:00-17:00 Sat Sun 10:00-17:00  has cafe and toilet facilities, no wheelchair access to upper levels

Trail 2 Carshalton Central

Start by parking in Carshalton High Street and visiting Honeywood Museums and its historic art collection, exclusively curated especially for CAOS. While there you could wonder around Carshalton's Ecology Centre, a great location for families with children. Then take the short 5min walk through Festival Walk, turning left and then right to Abel Kesteven (just beyond the Windsor Pub towards Sutton). Opposite Abel in Alma Road is Jill Iliffe. Also on Alma Road is Kathryn Sherriff's stunning studio crammed with three amazing ceramic artists.

On the walk back to Carshalton go via Wallace Crescent and Brenda Pennington. The walk back to the high Street takes you past the historic All Saints Church and then onto Calladoodles, the home of CAOS artists, where you can buy prints and post cards of many of their works. Just a couple of shops down is the newly re-launched Mine Gallery, with the work of Julian Heath. Finally, at the end of the pretty High Street is Dotty's Teahouse, where you can sample some stunning cake and children can participate in a free workshop making bunting. Have you found that Doug Shaw free art drop yet?

 Honeywood Museum Honeywood Walk, SM5 3NX

    open Wed Thurs Fri 11:00-17:00 Sat Sun 10:00-17:00  has cafe and toilet facilities, no wheelchair access to upper levels

 Ecology Centre Festival Walk SM5 3NY

     open all days 10am-5pm no wheelchair access due to uneven groud, no toilet facilities

5  Abel Kesteven 362 Carshalton Rd, SM5 3PT

    open all days 11am-5pm no wheelchair access, no toilet facilities

6  Kathryn Sherriff 47 Alma Road, SM5 2PQ

    Caroline Warwick (with K.Sherrif)

    Sarah Hillman (with K.Sherrif)

    open all days 11am-5pm wheelchair access, no toilet facilities

7  Jill Iliffe 7 Alma Road, SM5 2PF

    open all days 11am-5pm NO wheelchair access, no toilet facilities

 Brenda Pennington 5 Wallace Cres, SM5 3SU

    open all days 11am-5pm NO wheelchair access, no toilet facilities

C  All Saints Church High St, Carshalton SM5 3PD

    (see website for open times, access and services)

D  Calladoodles 18 High St, Carshalton SM5 3AG

    open all days 11am-5pm wheelchair access, no toilet facilities 

 Mine Gallery 30-34 High St, SM5 3AG

    Julian Heath Mine Gallery

    open Wednesday-Sunday 11am-5pm wheelchair access, no toilet facilities

 Dotty's Teahouse 108 High St, Carshalton SM5 3AE

    open all days 9am-5pm, Sunday 11am-4pm wheelchair access, toilet facilities

Trail 3 Carshalton Beeches

Start with parking on Stanley Park Road for John Stillman and Claire Chandler, who has a house bursting at the seems with talent including Kate Marsden and Marie Ratnam. Then take the short walk medium pace 10min walk to Doug Shaw, the free drop artist in the Carshalton area (have you still not found one yet?), to then loop back to Jo Sharpe before walking down to the artists, workshops and carnival atmosphere at the Corner Gallery. The Corner Gallery will host Squirrels Community Scrap Scheme for all the festival dates, with free workshops for children and families. Also, on July 1st, Gavin Mundy will be producing live portraits. You can then finish off at cartoonist Penny Haynes in Blakehall Road and maybe grab a rest in Stennings bakery. Have you found a Doug Shaw yet?

10 John Stillman 196 Stanley Pk Rd, SM5 3JP

     open all days 11am-5pm no wheelchair access, no toilet facilities

11 Claire Chandler 133a Stanley Pk Rd, SM5 3JJ

     Kate Marsden (with C.Chandler)

     Marie Ratnam (with C.Chandler)

     open all days 11am-5pm wheelchair access, no toilet facilities

12 Doug Shaw 56 Mount Park, SM5 4PS

     open all days 11am-5pm wheelchair access, no toilet facilities

13 Jo Sharpe 9 Central Way, SM5 3NF

     open all days 11am-5pm wheelchair access, no toilet facilities

14 The Corner Gallery 11 Beeches Ave, SM5 3LB

     Squirrels Community Scrap Scheme Corner Gallery (all days)

     Hana Horack-Elyafi Corner Gallery 24th/2th June

     Samia Tossio Corner Gallery 24th/2th June

     Gavin Mundy Corner Gallery 1st July

     Tessa Spanton Corner Gallery 1st July

     Sutton Mental Health Foundation Corner Gallery 2nd July

    open all days 9am-5pm wheelchair access, no toilet facilities

15 Penny Haynes 41 Blakehall Rd, SM5 3EZ

     open all days 11am-5pm wheelchair access, no toilet facilities

     Stennings Bakery  8 Beeches Ave, Carshalton SM5 3LF

     open all days 9am-3pm wheelchair access, toilet facilities

Trail 4 Carshalton South and Oaks Park

Drive to Adrienne Roberts (or medium pace 15min walk from the Corner Gallery) then drive towards Oaks Park turning in via Croydon Lane entrance at the top (or a medium pace 20min walk from the Corner Gallery). Here there is a lovely cafe and an amazing selection of different artists in the Oaks Park Studios complex.

While in Oaks Park check out the stunning views over the South of London. Opposite are . the Lavender Fields coming into bloom.  

16 Adrienne Roberts 1 Crossways, SM2 5LD

     open all days 9am-3pm wheelchair access to some studios, no toilet facilities but toliets are in near by Cafe complex

17 Oaks Park Studios Croydon LN SM7 3BA

     open all days 9am-3pm no wheelchair access, no toilet facilities

     Susan Absolon Oaks Park Studios (24th/25h June only)

     Simon Burder Oaks Park Studios (all days)

     Michael Collins Oaks Park Studios (24th/25h June only)

     Kendra Haste Oaks Park Studios (all days)

     Karin Jashapara Oaks Park Studios (all days)

     Bill Mudge (with K.Jashapara) (all days)

     Kate Wilson Oaks Park Studios (all days)

     Nick Ladd Oaks Park Studios (1st/2nd July)

     Mayfield Lavender Oaks Park

     due to lavender coming into bloom check website for opening times

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