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You can be part of #CAOSArt20 too! Join in with open windows and display your artwork in your window to brighten up everyone’s daily walk. You do not need to be a CAOS artist, you do not need to be an artist! Just get creative, join us and put some art in your windows. Use the hashtags :

#openwindows2020 and #CAOSart20.

This great scheme is the brainchild of @openwindows2020 openwindows2020 and is part of an on-going #openwindows concept that had been a social media phenomenon in recent years and has taken on a new significance during the current lockdown, giving people access to artwork they could not have seen. So why not join in by displaying your work in your windows too?



42 images in 42 locations! Over the next two weeks we will be hanging 42 images in 42 locations around the area local to Carshalton. Who is the artist? Where is their picture? As you walk around look out for this 'art bomb!' If you find an image why not take a photo and post it on socials with the tags: openwindows2020 #CAOSart2020 #CAOSopenstreets

Open windows square.jpg
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