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Our Carshalton Artists

Want to be a Carshalton Artist?

We're very proud of the wide selection of artists that we represent, working with paint, print, sculpture, photography, textiles, ceramics and more.


Our artists love to share their skills, techniques and artwork whether it's at public events, workshops, exhibitions or open studios. So here are some images to demonstrate what they do.

Our artists create.....

We're always amazed at the range of talent in Carshalton! Every year we discover more amazingly creative characters and we're always looking for more!

If you're an artist that lives or works local to Carshalton and are interested in joining us then please read the information below and share what you do with us.

How can I join Carshalton Artists?

It's easy! The first thing is to check out our 'Carshalton Artists' facebook group- click here. Follow us, post your work and chat with us.

This is the best way to introduce yourself, show us what you do and see what we do. 

If you're starting out then this is a great way to start sharing your artwork and get feedback or advice. You can chat with our artists and find out about events. 

We're a sociable bunch and love to meet and chat. We host Arty Drinks on an ad-hoc basis every couple of months so feel free to email us at to introduce yourself and be added to our invite list.

How do I take part in CAOS?

Every year we have an application process for our open studios event (CAOS); for CAOS24 we are not accepting new artists, but do check back in future years.


Applications for artists who have taken part in CAOS in previous years will be open from late October and you'll be able to access the online application form on the artist login page.

Our artist panel will review all applications and notify successful artists in December. The criteria that we consider is:

- Do you live or work local to Carshalton? (see boundary info below)

- Do you have an online presence where we can view your work?

- Do you have an established portfolio of work to share with the public?

Our artists inspire.....

Our artists educate.....

The CAOS Map

The map below shows the 2 boundaries that we use.

Outer circle boundary-

CAOS applicants must live or work within this boundary area

Purple trail boundary-

Artists located outside this boundary (but within the circle boundary) will be relocated inside the trail boundary.

Please be advised that these boundaries are approximate and locations will be advised the CAOS committee.

CAOS Map Boundaries labelled.jpg

Can I join other Carshalton Artist events?

We run several other exhibitions, fairs and workshops during the year with our artists. These are limited in availability so places are given to artists once they've participated in CAOS.


We always get enquiries from new artists wanting to join in and we'd love to increase our event capacity but due to high demand we can usually only accommodate artists that have already taken part in our previous events.

Click on the image to watch video demos made by a range of our talented artists.

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