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OPEN STREETS 2021- Honeywood Exhibition

'I visited Honeywood on the first weekend with both my children and my husband and we had a fabulous hang out, chatting to artists and trying out two different forms of printing. XXXX (age 2) had visited the crotchet animals before we did courtesy of a visit with her childminder where they bumped in to the artist one weekday morning and had a guided tour! How awesomely cool is that? She loved sharing her favourites, running to them to tell us about them. Both our children are proud of the monoprinting they created and it's on display at home….I have come away so inspired. Every artist I spoke to asked if I was an artist. I found my response gradually changing from 'no I'm a musician, but I have to lead art at school, to, 'well, I'm loving exploring and learning and enjoying having a go'. What amazed me was that every single artist was more than happy to tell me how they create their art, it wasn't a secret, they wanted to share their knowledge and love and encouraged me to have a go. So much creativity in one place. Who knew?! Clearly Helena and Neal had an idea and now there must be many people feeling like me: keen to have a go, signing up to a workshop, enjoying the talent, and feeling part of the Carshalton Artists community. Who could ask for more?' (Facebook review)

Earlier this year Carshalton artists sadly announced that they could not go ahead with plans for their hugely popular annual open studios event. They replaced the event with a hugely successful ‘Open Streets’ event that took place for six weeks in June and July, funded by Arts Network Sutton and, in part, by the artists themselves and local business partners.


This exciting open-air event saw 64 pieces of art and literature displayed on the streets, parks and shop windows across Carshalton and an immersive, community led, Yarn Bomb. The centrepiece was the historically significant heritage building, Honeywood Museum. Here, there was a hugely significant exhibition of current local artists work and two community engagement art fair weekends with live demonstrations, artwork on sale and a showcase of the work of local groups that have supported the community through lockdown. 

Neal Vaughan, of Carshalton Artists, set up the event; ‘it's been a tough year for everyone, so let's brighten up our daily walks with a visual festival of the arts, open to all, to showcase all those creative projects you and I have been doing during lockdown.'

There was further calls for the community to get involved by displaying their own work in their windows and many took this opportunity to get involved.

Other events during the six weeks included Dancer Mel Simpson, joined by cellist Elizabeth Andrews and singer songwriter Miss Chloe Ray to present an enchanting improvised happening, where they collaborated for the first time, in real time. Part live music and dance performance, part serenely moving life sculpture, there was over 30 artists standing and seated to focus on drawing the dancer, the cellist, the singer or all three over the course of this transfixing 2 x one hour happenings. And finally...there was a rare opportunity to join a life drawing session with a Rhino in Sutton Ecology Centre! run by Jackie Smith and in aid of raising awareness of the plight of the Rhino.

Exhibiting artists: Abel Kesteven, Adrienne Roberts, Anne Cady, Barbara Andrews, Brenda Pennington,, Carol Baker, Caroline Warwick, Chris Roberts, Claire Chandler, Doug Shaw, Eleanor Platt, Gavin Mundy, Helena Vaughan,Ingrid Barber, Irene Caboni, Jackie Smith, Jeannette Foley, Jo Sharpe, John Stillman, Julian Heath, Julie Curry, Karin Jashapara, Kate Marsden, Kate Wilson, Keith Mountain, Kevin Ireland, Livi Kesteven, Liz Lees,Lyn Crush, Maggie Penton, Mary-Carmen Featherstone, Mia Andrews, Nabil Hamad, Neal Vaughan, Pia Jaime, Raquel Acosta, Rebecca Tucker, Samia Tossio, Sean Bright, Seyhan Gunay Kaya, Sian Highwood, Simon Burder, Steve Parker, Sylvia Gurr, Ted Eggs, Teresa Allen, Tessa Spanton, Tracey Downing, AND FROM SUTTON WRITERS: Barbara Saunders, Bernard Jacobs, Colin Stern, Rosie O'Carroll, Philip Smith,Georgina Shaw, Meg Jeffries, Ann Pattison, Marcus Jones, Debbie Brewin, Miranda Lewis,Claudia Forero R Douglass,


AND A YARN BOMB, a RHINO........and we may have decorated the boards on the disused public house, The Fox and Hounds...Enjoy!

All the artists involved with their websites:

Carshalton Artists

Sian Highwood         

Treading Water


Julian Heath  

Carshalton Ponds - Winter Sunset


Anne Cady    

Stillness of the Sea


Raquel Acosta           

Bowl with crystalline glaze


Sylvia Gurr    

Graveyard Grass 1


Nabil Abou Hamad   



Neal Vaughan           

River Wandle Morden Hall    


John Stillman

All Saints Church, Carshalton 


Rebecca Tucker        

Three sisters'


Kevin Ireland



Carole Baker 



Caroline Warwick     

Novelty cat egg cup


Brenda Pennington 

Lunch at the Greyhound


Steve Parker 

Lauderdale Tower, Barbican


Tracey Elizabeth Downing  



Julie curry

Sheep Grazing in Carshalton   Curry


Teresa Allen  

Dance Off (Mel Simpson Dance)


Helena Vaughan       

Mini Carshalton


Kate Marsden           

Monoprint I


Barbara Andrews     

Butterfly Egg


Samia Tossio 

Love Life, Life Loves You


Doug Shaw    



Simon Burder           

Daymer Path 8 


Ingrid Barber           

Hoops cuffs and crowns , experimental social distancing for introverts


Mary-Carmen Featherstone           

Ceramic fish:  “I Can Swim A Rainbow”     

Instagram: marycarmendesigns


Keith Mountain        

fish tank


Jackie Smith  

Dorset cliff


Sean Bright   

Record Shop


Gavin Mundy

Lockdown Reading


Liz Lees          

Dog Leading Dog


Ted Eggs       

The Wonder of Spring 


Christopher Alan Roberts   

Woman with fruit bowl


Maggie Penton         

Jazz Dance


Claire Chandler        

A Change in the Light  


Mia Andrews

Cycladic Head           


Elly Platt        

Wandle Wardrobe: Rainbow Remnants Quilt


Kate Wilson  

Lockdown Walk


Abel Kesteven          

The allotments in Summer


Maria Pia Jaime        

Self portrait with Toys 


Tessa Spanton          

Nut Wood, Gatton Park


Irene Caboni 

Better Days


Livia Kesteven          

Robert with Goat


Adrienne Roberts

Flower Meadow Sky -  A Dedication   


Karin Andrews Jashapara   

Angel and Moon


Seyhan Kaya

The Tablecloth Lunatic


Joanna Sharpe


Lynn Crush


Jeannette Foley

Sutton Artists

Barbara Saunders (Foxtrot, Kingston Bridge, Marriage a la Mode, Ram Raid, Searching for Aurora Borealis, Walking the Regent's Canal)

Bernard Jacobs (An Unexpected Exhibitor, High Street Rain, Screever)


Colin Stern (Going to School, PoemPavement)


Rosie O'Carroll (The Girl Who Fell to Earth)


Philip Smith (Ring Necked Parakeet, The Thrush and the Anvil)


Georgina Shaw (Park Bench Menace)


Meg Jeffries (Carshalton)


Ann Pattison (Blue Plaque)


Marcus Jones (Open Streets of Our Mind, Artistic Blind Alleys)


Debbie Brewin (Meltdown)


Miranda Lewis (The Trees Are Coming, You Can't Play on a Green Wall)


Claudia Forero R Douglass (Our Home)

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