Carshalton Artists have teamed up with Sutton Council’s Cultural Services, SamiArt and Sutton Writers to deliver an exciting ‘Open Streets’ visual arts event across Carshalton, as a celebration of the arts post-lockdown from the 17th June to the 25th July.

Highlights will include:

  • 17th June to 25th June. Free art exhibition by Carshalton Artists

  • 17th/18th July and 24th/25th July. Free Art Fair with art to purchase and live demos by professional artists

  • Ovwer 60 Art and Literature in streets & parks including YARN BOMB!

  • Art in shops - led by Calladoodles, Carshalton and Ellwyns Carshalton

  • Live drawing events including Dance and Draws live drawing event at Cryer Arts in Carshalton 

  • Want to get involved? Want to place art in your own windows? Details of how YOU can get involved are on the Yarn Bombing and Open Windows Pages.


Earlier this year Carshalton artists sadly announced that they could not go ahead with plans for their hugely popular annual open studios event. However…. they are proud to announce they have replaced the event this year with an ‘Open Streets’ event that will take place for those six weeks in June and July, funded by Arts Network Sutton and, in part, by the artists themselves and local business partners.


This exciting open-air event will see art and literature displayed on the streets, parks and windows across Carshalton and an immersive, yet to be announced, street art event. The centrepiece will be a hugely significant exhibition of current local artists work at the historic Honeywood Museum in Carshalton. Here you will be able to book to see an amazing, free to access, art exhibition of work produced in the last year by artists normally involved in Carshalton Artists Open Studios. There will also be two art fair weekends on the dates of the 17th/18th and 24th/25th July, with demonstrations, artwork on sale and a showcase of the work of local groups that have supported the community through lockdown.

After the cancellation of the hugely popular annual Carshalton Artists Open Studios event in Carshalton, Carshalton Artists still want to celebrate the arts but maybe do something a little bit different. Neal Vaughan, of Carshalton Artists, set up the event and told us; ‘it's been a tough year for everyone, so let's brighten up our daily walks with a visual festival of the arts, open to all, to showcase all those creative projects you and I have been doing during lockdown.’


Would you also like to be involved? Well, read on!

Neal Vaughan goes on to say; ‘Carshalton Artists want to lift the profile and perception of the arts in the Borough so we are inviting you to get involved by joining the artists in displaying your own artwork or literature in your windows, whatever your age! We, in collaboration with Samia Tossio of SamiArt, will also be announcing an amazing opportunity in the middle of the event to collaborate with local artists on a playfully creative, secret and growing street art piece, something never done before in Carshalton!


....see you all in June and July! #CAOSart2021

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