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The online application form requires me to sign in to Google?


This is necessary to allow us to upload and securely store your data and images for use on our website. Please follow the onscreen instructions for signing in or creating a free Gmail account


My image files are larger than 10Mb, what should I do?

CAOS wishes to present the best quality images online and in print. Images are requested to be submitted in the following format: 

JPEG files no bigger than 10MB, with a minimum pixel dimension on the shortest edge (the width for a portrait, the height for a landscape) of 3000px

If your file size is more than 10MB the CAOS application form will reject the upload. In this case please resize the file using Photoshop, Lightroom or another graphic editor of your choice. If you don’t have any editing software, then you can resize images online for free (Google ‘image resize online’). There are also several resizing apps available for iOS and Android. 

For further assistance, please refer to our image guide document

I have a further question

If you you have further questions or need additional help with completing your application form,  please email us for further assistance

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